aligned with purpose

a course designed with Purpose

What will this personal course offer?


Those words are extremely powerful. When those two words misplaced or unattached to intention for your highest good, it can wreck havoc on your internal dialogue and diminish your ability to navigate your way through life.

ALIGNED WITH PURPOSE will support you in reclaiming those words and aligning them with your souls truest purpose.

Do you know you goals? Do you understand the core desired feelings behind those goals? Do you know how to assess your personal values and how those feed into HOW you make decisions? Do you know what your mission is on this planet?

Don't know what your soul's purpose is? 

CLUE: It is NOT your vocation!

Although it can express itself through vocation, the vocation in and of itself is not the power of your purpose.

We will together create a powerful MISSION MANTRA and a declaration of commitment that you can utilize every single day and adjust as necessary as life moves you.

ALIGNED WITH PURPOSE will walk you through listening exercises that will dive you into your deepest essence of divine purpose and give you CLARITY about who you are in the world and not only that...

it will give you the opportunity to TAKE ACTION!

You can decide to have results almost immediately if you put the practice into use.

You will walk away each week with action items and tools you can access immediately to create lasting change!



Nichole London

(3 hours a  week for 5 weeks)

($1500.00 value

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I have gone to Nichole for coaching and energetic healing as well as soul retrieval and blessings. Very fulfilling and I felt great after each session. Completely worth it! - Catalyst

"Working with Nichole has allowed me to examine limiting beliefs that prevent me from reaching my true potential as a life coach. She gently guides me beyond my comfort zone, helps me polish my authenticity, and propels me forward. She continues to help me define how to integrate my personal journey with my calling and life purpose in a way that has given me more accountability and focus. Nichole has a gentle and loving, yet strong, intuitive and intelligent approach that allows me to be myself while striving to evolve on my life path. I am now better able to avoid the patterns that typically hold me back and sabotage my efforts. But most of all, I am better able to embrace my power and creativity."
- Gayle Z.

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